Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

"Must Have" SEO Codes Small Business SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not as hard as all the SEO Keyword "Experts" would have you think it is. You just need to know the rules and do a little keyword research before you get to far into building your web site. If you haven't done your keyword research yet, and don't have a clue what people are searching for, use the Free Google Keyword Tool to help you get started: Whenever you … [Read more...]

XSite Pro Web Building Software

Now that you've decided you want a web site for your small business, it's time to decide if you want to hire someone to do it for you, or if you can just buy a piece of software and create it yourself. The choice is not a simple one, but here are a few things to think about: When should you consider outsourcing a web site: If you have NO IDEA what HTML is: (for example, if you don't know what this code does you should consider hiring someone  (<b> or <p></p>) If you … [Read more...]

These Three Activities Will Increase Productivity And Reduce Stress

These Three Activities Will Increase Productivity And Reduce Stress

How many times have you wished there was more time in the day?  I have that wish almost every day. I could get up earlier, but I'm not very productive when I'm tired, same as working later at night; and I already only take 15 minutes for lunch. So where is my extra time coming from. Well, now I have learned that if I do a few things right away to get a step ahead in small business marketing activities, I'm less likely to need any extra time! First, I always work from a list. I find that as I … [Read more...]

Post Penguin Business Sites – Critical Updates To Help Your Rank

It looks like Google's Penguin update is here to stay, which means you may have to make some updates to your small business web site if you've lost rank and want to get it back. Actually, everyone doing business on the internet is scrambling for hints on what to do now. Here are a few things you should make sure are on your site in the post-penguin era where Google is using Semantic search instead of relying so much on the SEO keywords from the past. Make sure your site is fully loaded with … [Read more...]

WebSite Content Writing

In order to get Google and other search engines to list your web pages in their results, you need to write keyword targeted copy. But as a small business owner, you also want to provide visitors with a quality experience. You’ll want to start with one web page for each one of your major keyword, and write an article or interesting facts around each keyword. Each article should be on its own page, and revolve around only ONE main keyword. You can add in a few related keywords to make your … [Read more...]